Watch as Minnesota Companies Address Cyber Attacks Head-On

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With US public utilities under attack, these Twin Cities-based companies decided they would not be the next victims.Watch Now
Part I on Nightline: Inside the secretive world of hackers who help protect companies from attacks
Part II on Nightline: A company’s cybersecurity weaknesses are exposed in overnight operation
Good Morning America Feature: ABC News’ Pierre Thomas takes an inside look at how cyberattacks work as ransomware attacks are on the rise and companies try to protect themselves. 

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The Story: Cybersecurity experts break down a cyberattack as they become increasing threat

Join Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas and his team as they come along with RedTeam Security and FoxPoint Security as they execute full-blown red team engagements on two sophisticated companies. These manufacturing companies were kind enough to grant unprecedented permission to ABC Nightline’s crew to film RedTeam Security and FoxPoint Security as they deployed their objectives against their buildings and networks.

Join Pierre Thomas as he questions Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the security strength of US-based companies, including those responsible for our critical infrastructure. While the US government seized millions in ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline, the focus for companies should be on preventing these attacks from happening in the first place.

The Engagements

Over four days, RedTeam Security and FoxPoint Security carried out several attack simulations against each company’s employees, network infrastructure, and physical buildings. Each location had its own showroom, warehouse, server room, and front offices. RedTeam Security attack techniques included various aspects of social engineering, physical penetration testing, and network penetration testing.

Our Target

We are happy to report that not all our tactics were successful. The companies’ defenses were more robust in areas that we did not anticipate, and they should be proud of the efforts of their security teams. We also want to express our appreciation for their willingness to open their doors to the world to promote security awareness throughout their industry and help other companies in the process.

Since the taping of this production, both companies have fully addressed each of their vulnerabilities and improved their overall security posture. A most sincere thanks goes out to them for being so dedicated to security awareness.

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