Offensive Cybersecurity FAQs

Organizations need information security programs to protect resources from bad actors both outside and inside your business to protect your technology assets and physical space.  

Provides in-depth analysis of your current cybersecurity position
Gain insight into any existing vulnerabilities
Pinpoint any human weaknesses in your operational protocols
Learn remediation strategies to reduce exposure to any identified vulnerabilities

Yes, it should, as it costs doing business and normal maintenance and upkeep. Updating systems, staffing, or vulnerability scanning, pen testing, training, or phishing activities reduces company exposure risk and minimizes long-term costs.

Threats are evolving and appear in many forms and even mimic current events. Software quickly becomes outdated or obsolete, and often new patches are not provided to protect against newly found or created vulnerabilities.

The most common cybersecurity barriers for an organization range from a lack of resources to a lack of understanding of the risks and the impact of cybersecurity on an organization.