Network Penetration Testing

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Deep-dive, manual network penetration testing performed by experienced and certified penetration testers

What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing is the ethical hacking of a network to discover how systems will respond to a real cybersecurity threat.

Benefits of Network Penetration Test

Pen testing can offer numerous benefits to any organization concerned about potential security vulnerabilities.

Some of the primary benefits of this type of security testing include:

  • Identifying network security flaws
  • Understanding risk levels
  • Mapping out the organization’s overall security posture

As technology advances, digital criminals’ methods to exploit weaknesses in an operating system or network also evolve. Some examples of these flaws include social engineering attacks, SQL injection, outdated versions of software, poorly configured firewalls, and malware.

Some security vulnerabilities could expose sensitive data, resulting in violating compliance requirements, bad press, and of course, the loss of customer trust. On the other hand, network vulnerabilities that merely lead to losing next month’s cafeteria menu may not pose as much threat to a company. It’s essential to determine the risk levels for various systems to allocate resources accordingly.

Security posture refers to an organization’s overall cybersecurity status for hardware, software, networks, data, and processes. It includes security controls, security management, and reacting and recovering to threats. Businesses need to assess and document their security measures before they can hope to improve them. Having a strong security posture can help business leaders make confident decisions and improve their overall trust. The best way to safeguard your security posture is by employing network penetration services.

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RedTeam Security Network Penetration Testing Services

Understanding and addressing cybersecurity issues can help protect your company from potential real-world cyber-attacks. RedTeam Security experts have the knowledge and experience to strengthen your network security and protect your sensitive data. Our penetration testers act as ethical hackers to uncover security weaknesses. After completing thorough pen testing and security assessments, our security professionals will provide suggestions to remediate issues as the final product of the testing process. While these may include technical recommendations, they may also cover business processes for sensitive data or even employee education about resisting phishing, developing strong passwords, recognizing unauthorized access, and other computer security education.

Our Pen Testing Methodology

Learn more about RedTeam Security's Network Penetration Testing Methodology.


Our services include a dedicated client portal, on-demand tools, comprehensive report delivery, and free remediation testing within six months of testing for up to six findings.

Upon completing your Network Penetration Test, our pen testers will deliver an analysis of the current state of the assessed network security controls in the form of a comprehensive report. RedTeam will address comments, make necessary revisions and if requested, schedule a report presentation for a more thorough walkthrough of your report with your dedicated team of testers. The report deliverable will include:

  • Purpose of the engagement including project’s scope and approach
  • Positive security controls that were identified
  • Tactical resolutions to immediately reduce your network security risk
  • Strategic recommendations for mitigating and preventing similar issues from recurring that could ultimately lead to a serious data breach
The report deliverable will also include the following in-depth analysis and recommendations for technical staff to understand the underlying risks and remediation recommendations:
  • A technical description and classification of each vulnerability
  • Anatomy of exploitation including steps taken and proof in the form of screenshots
  • Business or technical risk inherent in the vulnerability
  • Vulnerability classification that describes the risk level as a function of vulnerability impact and ease of exploitation
  • Technical description of how to mitigate the vulnerability

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RedTeam Security's World-Class Penetration Testing Services

Companies face increasing security threats in the advancement of cloud storage, bring-your-own-devices, and remote work. As security evolves, hackers work harder to stay a step ahead of both professionals and their cyber security software. All organizations need to work with security experts to ensure their business systems’ safety.

Organizations suffer from a growing number of threats from inside their organization, from malicious users or accidental security credentials loss to unauthorized access to sensitive data. Even the most loyal and diligent employees have accidentally divulged information or clicked the wrong link because of a lack of security education. Internal penetration testing can help ensure robust security against outside attacks and internal accidents or mischief.

Penetration testing offers you the only true way to know if your digital assets are truly secure and, if they’re not, what security measures you can take to strengthen them. At RedTeam Security, we offer a free security consultation. You can schedule your appointment online or call (952) 836-2770 today. Get in touch with RedTeam Security today to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your computer systems and your business reputation.

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Network Penetration Testing FAQs

Establishing good network security is a process that requires ongoing effort and planning. Data breaches resulting from insecure or vulnerable networks are expensive, cause reputational damage, and create a loss of productivity during network downtime. Taking network security seriously is paramount to keeping any business running smoothly.
Any network connected to the internet should test its network security through vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing.
  • Identify application security/network flaws present in the environment.
  • Understand the level of risk for your organization.
  • Help address and fix identified application flaws.
Generally, it is the same process for internal and external network pen testing. Because of the nature of the work, the penetration testing tools may vary.
How long does a network pen test take?

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