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Use RedTeam Security’s email phishing service to simulate real-world attack scenarios on to identify security awareness and personnel gaps.

Benefits of Performing a RedTeam Security Email Phishing Test

Part of your annual security awareness training should include the ability to readily recognize a phishing email and what to do if one is received. Including regular customized phishing to support your training will ensure your organization is fully aware of these phishing threats.  Your information security program will include periodic testing of that training.

RedTeam Security’s phishing campaigns test your employees’ ability to identify phishing emails if they follow procedures for confirming and reporting potentially false requests, and if desired, the power of your technology to block malicious files delivered through email. At RedTeam Security, we want to help you ensure that your security program is as robust as it can be.

RedTeam Security will work with you to develop a simulated phishing campaign that meets your needs and budget.

The RedTeam Security Email Phishing Solution

RedTeam Security offers a multi-tiered email phishing solution. From the most basic, where a customized email is created for your team, we work with you to ensure it passes through your email filters to a more robust option that will test your email filters and antivirus protection. The email pretexts will be company-specific but can be broadly relevant or spear-phishing emails targeted to specific individual roles.

Any of these solutions will test your team’s ability to identify a phishing email and how well procedures for reporting phishing emails will be followed.

Our Methodology

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Results collected during these simulations are compiled into reports that determine the organization’s susceptibility to modern-day social engineering attacks and potential impact to the business. RedTeam Security Phishing Attacks provide companies with highly valuable information about the security posture and security awareness levels of their employees. This valuable information is a crucial component to measuring the overall security posture and helps pinpoint where additional security awareness training might be needed and where budgetary dollars should be directed.

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