Information Security Awareness Training

What is Security Awareness? 

Security awareness refers to the organization’s overall knowledge and posture to protect the physical and informational assets belonging to their organization. Many companies require formal security awareness training for all workers when they are first hired and then at some specific interval after that. Being security aware means an individual understands that there is the potential for some level of deliberate theft, damage, or misuse of assets within a company’s information systems or throughout its organization. 

What is Security Awareness Training? 

Security Awareness Training is how the end-user is educated on the viable threats the organization may have. Although most organizations have not adopted a standard way of providing security awareness training, a good program should include awareness about;

  • Data
  • Network use
  • Conduct
  • Social media
  • Personal devices
  • Protecting company devices
  • Phishing emails
  • Social engineering
  • Types of viruses and malware

Employees should also be trained in what information they can share, what information they should not transmit over the phone, and how to verify that the caller or email originator is authorized to receive the requested information.

An effective employee security awareness program should clarify that everyone in the organization is responsible for IT security. It will also identify the steps that need to be taken if an incident or suspected incident arises. Users should be able to identify who to contact, details on the event that transpired, and who or what was involved in the incident.