SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

What is SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

A SIEM, or sometimes also referred to as an SEM or SIM, is a category within the field of computer and information security, where software products and services combine information management event management as they related to security. They provide real-time analysis of alerts generated by various software applications, networking appliances, and several other monitoring-enabled devices. SIEM’s Management Solutions are generally application packages that can be installed within your environment. Some vendors also provide appliances and dedicated solutions and offer them as SaaS and cloud solutions.

SIEM Features

A good SIEM Solution has several vital features. 

Perform Log and Data Collection in Real-Time: One of the most important of these is the ability to perform log and data collection in real-time. A SIEM should ingest logs from various devices and external sources, including servers, security appliances, applications, operating systems, and more. The SIEM can map your environment’s infrastructure by gathering these logs, which can aid in potential troubleshooting issues and identifying trouble points.

Log Correlation: Another important SIEM feature is log correlation. Network and Security analysts need log correlation to understand precisely what’s happening within the network. Data parsers are used to read messages from correlated logs, identifying key data points.  This data is crucial when examining logs from multiple sources. 

Real-Time Alerting: Real-time alerting is essential for SIEM solutions. A security analyst can set up triggered events based on specific data points found during the log collection and correlation. When threats are detected, real-time alerts can be sent directly to the security team for additional investigation or remediation. 

Reporting: Reporting within a SIEM is also extremely important. Reports help to support organizational goals and distribute information in a meaningful way.  Most SIEM solutions come with a set of prepackaged report templates; however, the ability to customize and create your reports is equally essential. If you need to meet a compliance regulation, reporting should be able to be tailored to the corresponding regulatory body as well.